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FastForward is designed to forward Outlook objects - ie appointments, notes, tasks, contacts and e-mails - easily and quickly. This is useful for one-time migration as a Windows PC to MAC. The application also fulfills another purpose: a continuous synchronization of different instances of Outlook. This example is required of consultants who work for different clients and use for each customer a separate instance of Outlook. With FastForward - runnning on each client machine - are all newly arriving Outlook objects even in the absence of the consultant immediately and automatically forwarded to his main account. Because the Outlook objects are shipped in standardized formats, they can be easily imported on MAC and even iPhone etc.

FastForward offers the opportunity to select the desired Outlook objects according to any criteria, such as confidentiality, importance, and date (email received date, broadcast date, task date, export date, deadline date, ...). The exported objects are displayed in a table or are sent by email (optionally zipped).

A time interval can be configured to search for new objects. This makes it quite easy to transmit even in the absence and you can check the Outlook Instances at various locations through one single central email account.

FastForwards modern user interface shows the functionality of the new pixafe application framework. This is the technical basis for future pixafe versions (Version 8)

FastForward application framework

The framework provides the technical base architecture of the future pixafe versions. It will be first used in version 7.5, while all previously available pixafe components are brought together in an application (pixafe Classic, pixafe Web, PowerPoint Importer, pixafe Earth, thesaurus, Pixin command, ...).

The framework provides the necessary infrastructure:

  • Easy navigation between application dialogs
  • Navigation tree toolbar with prior back, home, overview dialogues such as Outlook, Settings
  • Intuitive operation, context sensitive help panel dialogue with the description of the purpose of a dialogue, the signs and messages about input errors in the dialog
  • Easy navigation to input errors, warnings and notices toolbar jumps to errors, warnings and notes on dialogue level of the library provides dialogs that contain errors are red, warnings are yellow, and dialogues with those blue with illustrated instructions. In the information panel of each dialog can lead to further Notes are on the current dialogue jump
  • Ability to hide messages
  • Change of user language by a single click of a button
  • Extensive diagnostic capability as the basis for reporting to the Integrated Remote Support
  • and much more ...


pixafe Classic Hauptmaske 

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